Telios I

Initial Post

My Initial Post

This is the initial post on my blog. It’s nothing special, but I’d like to take out a special post specifically for this.

This blog has been a long time coming, honestly; in my spare time, I often like to engage in projects and shenanigans that I’d like to share with people, but I am adverse to social media (a position that is getting increasingly understandable over time). Plus, it gives me a platform to say whatever I want - and if you, the audience, gets tired of what I’m saying, then you aren’t subject to my whims. It’s a win for everyone!

I’ve intentially made the blog low-technology - right now, it’s running a simple jekyll generator, hosted on GitHub, with no JavaScript. It is intended to be as bare-bones as possible, as I wanted to focus solely on the content of the posts, rather than the decoration around it. I am open to suggestion on the format - I’d like to make it accessible, but it’s not always obvious how to. Without further ado…

The Name

Why Telios? The long and short of it is, I’m borrowing the name from a character of my own creation. It fits well enough, and allows me to create an… aesthetic? It’s not obvious yet what that aesthetic is, but over time, I will develop it.

The header image - the green hexagons dithered over a black background - will hopefully become the subject of a blog post itself, considering the amount of effort that went into that. Though I do apologize for the amount of bandwith it takes up - the alternative was to do a realtime generation of the image, like what happens on, but again, I wanted this website to have no JavaScript.

The Future

I hope to be able to blog about various things in the future - honestly, this website will more become a coalescence of things I want to express than something of me trying to express to an audience. Having an audience can be fun in the right place for the right things, but this is not that - this is me, detailing my adventures, and whomever wants to watch can participate for as little or as much as they want.

I am always available for contact at for questions, comments, concerns, and other ideas.